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We provide an innovative straight forward approach to giving you the best choice in wireless security device.

  • Rapp IT Up is designed to provide you with maximum protection measures.
  • Each device enables a canceling effect against surveillance.
  • Having a Rapp IT Up is like having your own personal security guard in your pocket.
  • Our pouch allows you to be able to fulfill your daily needs by being free of obstacles.

Each Rapp IT Up comes with a Security Certificate giving you our pledge of a guaranteed fulfillment to your personal safeguard.

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Rapp IT Up Wireless Security Provides:

  1. How can you eliminate the opportunity for viruses, malware and spyware?
  2. What is the best product that stops unauthorized access to your contacts?
  3. Is there a product that prevents skimmers and hackers from stealing your data?
  4. Do you think that apps can come close to our level of protection? No!

Rapp IT Up is the answer to each of these problems.

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Craft model production will be ending in Spring 2014!

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Coming Soon: 7" & 10" tablet and Laptop models 

RappITup for all the latest Mobile Devices



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The standard model (Stealth) Rapp it up accommodates most phones sizes. An iPhone 5:(4.87" x 2.31" x .30") = (123mm X 59mm X 10mm) and a Galaxy SII  (4.93" x 2.60" x .33" ) = (126m X 66mm X  9mm) fit comfortably inside. If you have a large protective cover over a phone larger than that of a Galaxy SII then select the large cell phone model when ordering. We offer a size fit guarantee.

PLEASE! Don't text and drive! 

Rapp IT Up is listed on the FCC distracted drivers clearinghouse as a device
that can prevent distracted Driving.

Buy your “Rapp It Up” now and live free away from intruders.

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